Marcos Bartolome

Python Developer


Passionate Python/Django developer. I love clean, secure and easy to maintain code. 10 years writing Python/Django applications in many different environments (big companies, startups...). Industrial Engineer, Materials Engineer and self-taught Python Programmer. I like to dive into low-level programming languages as a hobby (assembly etc.) and learn quickly if the manual is well written.


Lead Python Developer, MNEMO

Madrid, Spain — 06/2017- present

Backend development - Continuous Integration. Development of RESTful API/webapp to keep track of and help penetration testing / IT security activities at BBVA.


  • Design and development of a web application used to carry on and keep track of IT security
  • related activities, pentesting operations and network analysis at BBVA Spain
  • Database Design
  • Development of RESTful API
  • Devops, Server administration, deployments, development and Integration environments setup, setup of Continuous Integration environment

Technologies: Python, Django, Jenkins, Docker, Vim, PostgreSQL, continuous integration, Git.

Backend developer, PANCENTRIC DIGITAL

London, United Kingdom — 08/2016-05/2017

Backend development - Multiple projects.


  • Maintenance and bug fixing for several multi-site projects built with the Django CMS.
  • Support multiple clients resolving incident tickets.

Technologies: Python, Django, Django CMS, Vim.

Full Stack Developer, FIXR APP (Vipr Digital ltd.)

London, United Kingdom — 08/2015-07/2016

Development of a webapp/CMS system to help event organisers set up events (event data, multiple ticket types, ticket sales start/end dates etc.) and a RESTful API to feed mobile app to sell, buy and share tickets.


  • Add endpoints to the API to implement diverse features (geo-location, user data, stats, etc.). Interaction with 3rd party APIs (Google maps, Stripe...)
  • Implementation of new features and bug fixing in the CMS. Development of the user facing part of the webapp and multiple tools to help staff visualize and analyse usage data and stats.
  • Backend (~75%) and frontend (~25%) development. Server side code, periodic tasks, data analytics,

Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Elasticsearch, Docker, Vim, PyCharm, Javascript (jQuery, angular), Django REST framework

Full Stack Developer, PROVERSITY

London, United Kingdom — 10/2014-08/2015

Development of an e-learning platform based on EDX ( used by different companies (Bank of England, Network Rail...) to create courses to train employees, select candidates, etc..


  • Implementation of new features. Bug fixing.
  • Setup and maintenance of all the servers (code, databases, load balancing...) and deployment scripts for AWS.
  • Amazon web services. Instance monitoring, deployments (fabric), load balacing, RDS.

Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, AWS, Vim, Javascript, MongoDB, Ansible, Fabric

Full Stack Developer, COMPI

Madrid, Espana — 10/2013-10/2014

Development of multiple web crawlers and a webapp to manage them and compare compare the results to choose the cheapest shipping method for a variety of products.


  • Development of web crawlers to get data from multiple shipping companies..
  • Development of a platform to aggregate the results, and a web interface to launch the crawlers and to visualize the data.
  • Deployments and maintenance of the servers.

Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, Bootstrap, MySQL, Vim, Javascript, Fabric

Full Stack Developer, ENTELGY

Madrid, Espana — 12/2012-10/2013

Cloud Developer. Development of a cloud based on the Openstack suite ( for internal use at TELEFONICA DIGITAL. Implementation of some functionality that at the time was available in AWS but not in Openstack.


  • Development of daemons and clients rpc/http and dashboard panels to manage them. Highly scalable systems with a service oriented architecture.
  • Development of multiple projects, including,, and some invoicing and human resources applications for the government of Chile.

Technologies: Python, Django, Openstack, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Vim, Javascript, ExtJS

Backend Developer, FLUMOTION

Barcelona, Espana — 12/2011-12/2012

Developer of the Flumotion open source streaming platform.


  • Bug fixing & implementation of new features.
  • Development of the Backoffice and the streaming and transcoding platform.

Technologies: Python, Django, Twisted, REST API, Vim, Javascript, PopcornJS, SCRUM

Software Developer / Technical Author, EADS-CASA Military Air Systems - Eurofighter european program.

Madrid, Espana — 12/2004-12/2011

Technical author and software developer. AECMA S1000D.


  • Development of parsers and checkers to ensure that SGML and XML instances are compliant with different DTDs, XML Schemas and business rules sets.
  • Generation and development of interactive electronic technical manuals (Python / Django).
  • Responsible for the reception and management of the client requirements (TPIRFs).
  • Design, creation and maintenance of databases and web applications (perl, python) for the management of technical documentation for Eurofighter and Atlante projects.
  • Design, creation and maintenance of databases and web applications (perl, python) for the generation of wiring diagrams and its inclusion in the interactive electronic technical publications (IETP)
  • Analysis of client suggestions and proposals to improve technical publications

Technologies: Python, Django, Perl, Ruby, Vim, SGML, XML, XSLT, HTML.


Complutense University Madrid, Spain - 2009 Master’s degree - Materials Engineer

Polytechnic University Madrid, Spain - 2003 Industrial Engineer


  • GNU/Linux systems administration (Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, Gentoo, Arch...)
  • Deep knowledge and experience with SGML, XML, XSLT and HTML technologies
  • Backend - Web application and RESTful APIs development (Python, Django, Flask. Django REST Framework, Celery)
  • Frontend - Javascript, jQuery, Extjs, Angular, Prototype, Popcorn
  • Cloud development (Openstack)
  • Bash, Vim, Redis, RabbitMQ, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, Javascript, C, gdb, Perl, nginx, jQuery, Assembly, binary analysis...
  • C, assembly and binary analysis. Vulnerabilities analysis and proofs of concept (stack overflows, race conditions, format strings, heap overflows, JIT spraying...)
  • Streaming platforms programming, configuration and deployment (Flumotion)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals programming